3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Poultry Hatching

I believe you know the following 2 bits of knowledge about poultry: 1. Poultry is an oviparous animal, and poultry embryo development is mainly done in vitro. 2. The process by which eggs develop into young birds under suitable external environmental conditions is called hatching. I will tell [...]

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Teach you how to build a large poultry farm

Section 1   Site selection Site selection of Chicken Farm The construction of chicken farm should first choose the site according to the nature and task of chicken farm and the target to be achieved. The so-called site selection is in the site before the decision on the proposed site [...]

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5 Essential Conditions To Ensure A High Hatching Success Rate

Remember the first prerequisite for successful incubation: The breeding eggs must be fertilized eggs. Unfertilized eggs will not hatch into chicks anyway. With the same incubator, some people can not hatch chicks or have very low hatching rates, while others can get 95% or even [...]

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Do You Know The Mystery Of Poultry Embryo Membrane?

What is the membrane of poultry? The embryonic development of poultry is an extremely complicated physiological metabolic process. The embryonic development and the metabolic process are mainly realized by the embryo membrane. The internal environment that enables the embryo to grow and develop smoothly [...]

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